Ankit Macwan

Ankit Macwan (Ph.D.)

Principal Research engineer

(Förste forskningsingenjör)

My research is focused on the mechanism of platelet activation and inhibition with a special emphasis on thrombin receptors. The main project is about the novel physiological mechanism of platelet inhibition that we have recently discovered, the ‘Gradient dependent inhibition’. I am working on finding its detailed mechanism and pathophysiological relevance. Apart from these I am working on several other projects and involved in some side projects.

Main projects

  • Gradient dependent inhibition of platelet GPCRs
  • Role of platelet-derived coagulation factors in hemostasis & coagulation
  • Study of affinity and interaction of thrombin to platelets


  • Cardiovascular biology: Thrombosis and platelets
  • Medical systems physiology: Hemostatic mechanisms
  • Coagulation and hemostasis: Regulation of platelet activation

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